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The Ho&Me solution

Created by and for healthcare professionals, Ho&me is a medical monitoring platform, capable of providing an enriched relationship with the patient.

The goal? Give you access to all real-life patient data within a comprehensive interface and provide personalized support to each patient.

How does it work? A web interface allows you to access all the medical data of your patients.

A mobile app allows your patients to follow suggested care protocols as part of their ongoing medical care (both for short term follow-up and longer-term chronic care): the guarantee of optimized and optimal patient care!

Ho&Me for caregivers

  • Easily register a new patient with their medical information

  • Assign them a care protocol (personalized follow-up, consultation form...)

  • Access in one click all their data and their health evolution!

Ho&Me for the patient

  • A remote accompaniment tailored to their care path

  • Personalized surveys, for optimal outcomes

  • Available 7/7, 24/24: the patient connects whenever they want!

  • An intuitive, motivational, and reassuring application!


A multidisciplinary solution

Adapting to each specialty and each medical context

An enhanced follow-up

For a psychological dimension in the support of the patient

An intuitive tool...

For a quick learning experience, an optimal use and a lasting adhesion to the monitoring platform

... Reinforced through AI

For advanced data analysis (correlation, prediction, etc.) and score definition

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